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1. I am half Mexican and Jewish! My family immigrated to the US so I am first generation American on my Mother’s side!
2. I am very passionate about animals! I have a one year old rescue pup named Auggie. He’s half terrier, half Chihuahua and I love him to death.
3. I am an only child, but I have a ton of cousins.
4. My BIGGEST fear is roaches. I have literally leapt into the arms of strangers.
5. I have always been a voracious reader and I am a POTTERHEAD. Let’s just say I sobbed when I didn’t get my letter to Hogwarts when I was 12.
6. In middle school band I played the flute and loved it
7. My mom is a dentist and I sleep with two retainers every night LOL
8. I am a die-hard Big Brother fan. I played a real life, game version of the show with some friends, (including some past Big Brother winners) and I WON.
9. My first acting job was a Coca Cola commercial when I was 6.
10. I don’t have a middle name.


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