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05/06/2019 Posted By Admin  •  Comments Off on Update Soon  •  Site

Hey guys,

Apologize for the slow updates, but there are no news available these days regarding pictures, roles related to movies/tv shows etc. Will try to do another gallery update this week. Thank you so much for your patience! 😀

04/25/2019 Posted By Admin  •  Comments Off on Family Site  •  Site

I have created a fansite for Alexa PenaVega. She was one of Sara’s co-stars in the movie Sleepover. 🙂


04/25/2019 Posted By Admin  •  Comments Off on Happy Birthday, Sara!  •  Site

Happy Birthday to the lovely, Sara Paxton! We hope you have an amazing day celebrating with your family and friends. We wish you the best of luck with any upcoming projects you may be working on these days. Thanks for being such an amazing role model for all of us, we admire you so very much. Sending lots of love your way! <3

03/28/2019 Posted By Admin  •  Comments Off on Gallery Update This Weekend  •  Site

Hey guys,

Slow updates once again due to lack of news these days. Posting a gallery update with some old pictures this weekend! Hopefully there will be some new pictures in the near future. Thanks for your patience while we wait! 😀

03/07/2019 Posted By Admin  •  Comments Off on Update This Weekend  •  Site

Hey guys,

I will post an update this week! No new pictures, nor any news atm, so I will focus on gallery updates for the time being. Thanks for your patience! 😀

10/22/2018 Posted By Admin  •  Comments Off on Content Update  •  Site

Just wanted to let you all know I updated the Interact pages today, and created some pages so you can vote for your favorite hairstyle, make-up look and outfit. I have more work to do with the content on the site, but I have been prioritizing the gallery for now. View them all within the Interact page here, or click on the links below. 😀

01. Hairstyle
> Vote for your favorite hairstyle.

02. Make-Up
> Vote for your favorite make-up look.

03. Outfit
> Vote for your favorite outfit.

09/26/2018 Posted By Admin  •  Comments Off on /  •  Site

Adoring Sara Paxton has two domains now: SARA-PAXTON.ORG and SARA-PAXTON.NET can be used to visit this site! 😀

08/11/2018 Posted By Admin  •  Comments Off on Update  •  Site

Hey guys,

Just wanted to let you know I’m traveling, and moving over the next few days. Updates will be a bit slow because of that, but everything will be back to normal on Thursday. I will try my best to get started a bit on some screen captures, and such that weekend, in addition to continuing with gallery updates. Thanks for your patience! 😀

07/09/2018 Posted By Admin  •  Comments Off on Quick Update  •  Site

Hey guys,

Just wanted to let you know that I’ll start working on screen capping some of Sara’s movies and such real soon. I’ll continue to update the site with events and candids while I work on this in the background. Stay tuned! 😀

06/08/2018 Posted By Admin  •  Comments Off on Welcome to ~ Adoring Sara Paxton  •  Gallery Update Photoshoots Site

Hey guys,

Welcome to a new fan site dedicated to Sara Paxton. I have wanted to create a site for her for so long, and finally I was able to do it. I have a lot of work left to do on the site with both the content and the gallery, but I will add gallery updates weekly to catch up. To begin with I uploaded all the photoshoots have I found so far! Enjoy. 😀

Gallery Link:
Photoshoots > Session #1 – Session #35